Jim Powell

     Jim Powell's  broad background in television and audio production plus his knowledge of the New Orleans area and the Gulf Coast gave him a unique position to create and produce "Children of the Storm."   The sounds and visuals from original and unseen devastation footage place the viewer in the path of  Hurricane Katrina.
     Jim  has spent more than 35 years in the communications business working in radio and television broadcasting, and corporate television including work as a producer, videographer, on-air talent, programmer, writer, engineer and director.  He is a Life Member of The Media Communications Association-International (MCA-I) formerly ITVA, and a member of AAF (American Advertising Federation). 
     After spending 18 years in radio and television broadcasting, Jim became an independent talent, videographer and producer winning The Silver TELLY Award, Cindy, Videographer Award, AiME Award and The Communicator's Award for work in documentary and business productions.

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