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"Children of the Storm"  now shipping!

$5 of each DVD to your choice of school below

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       $5 of each on-line "Children of the Storm" DVD purchase will go into a fund for children's recovery
including classroom materials and supplies for those schools that helped us to produce this documentary
and in the future, other schools as well.  The balance of the DVD purchase will pay for the costs associated
with this production and for future reports.  Your personal DVD will be shipped within 2 weeks of purchase.
After you order your DVD, please choose your school of choice from the list below by emailing Choice@ShootSouth.com


Children's Support Mail List
     The schools that were devastated from Katrina are in very slow recovery due to many reasons.  Those schools
are from many areas of New Orleans and the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We are devoted to helping that recovery.
If you would like to join our Children's Support Mail List, please email your name and your email address to:
KatrinaChildrenSupport@ShootSouth.com  Email addresses will not be shared. We will return emails
concerning the needs and recovery efforts as they are made available. 
     If you would like to make a direct donation, those schools are listed below.   Any school or other children's support
organizations that would like to be listed, we invite you to send us  your information via email.
Schools in Need


Children of the Storm Donation Children of the Storm Donation  
Behrman Charter Schools Bay St. Louis-Waveland Middle School  
715 Opelousas Avenue 600 Pine Street  
New Orleans, LA   70114 Bay St. Louis, MS   39520  


We will be adding other schools and organizations that coincide with our goals as they become available.
Again, thank you.











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