Children of the Storm

Hurricane Katrina, Through the Eyes of Children Survivors


(Bay St. Louis-2/24/07)  Dr. Kim Stasney, Superintendent of Bay St. Louis-Waveland, MS schools, tells me
that the children are suffering increasing trauma from the conditions brought on by the Hurricane.   During our
interviews conducted in January and February of 2006, the children were still somewhat in shock and seemed
to think that everything would be back to normal soon.  Now, one year later, not much has changed.  The
school is still in FEMA trailer classrooms.  A tree fell on one during a December storm reducing the size.
There are no plans being made to rebuild soon.  The red tape is immense and the total cost will not be covered
by insurance or FEMA.  Their troubles continue to worsen.  To contact them, go to RECOVERY


(New Orleans, LA -2/24/07)  Kenneth Mitchell, Social Worker assigned to Behrman Elementary in Algiers,
reports similar conditions with the children in New Orleans.  When a small storm occurs, the school becomes
deathly quiet.  They're afraid of the next disaster.  Plus add that the communities' crime is increasing making
going home an even more frightening condition.   To contact them, go to RECOVERY












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